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Patient Advocacy Network Medical Cannabis News Digest – September 10, 2018

Medical Cannabis News Digest – September 10, 2018

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Medical Cannabis News Around California

California Has a Serious Compliance Problem

Santa Cruz - Medical marijuana users left in limbo as co-op struggles to regroup, reopen

California political groups launch website to shoot down statewide marijuana delivery

Medical Cannabis News Around The U.S.

When It Comes to Medical Marijuana, Veterans Often Have to Improvise

Connecticut - State Approves Use Of Medical Marijuana For Stubborn Headaches, 7 Other Conditions

Florida - Fort Lauderdale Enforces Law Limiting Medical Marijuana Clinics, Even Though The State Says It Can't

Georgia lawmakers eye expansion of medical marijuana law

Illinois opioid patients may soon have medical cannabis alternative

New Illinois law allows medical marijuana pain prescriptions

Massachusetts - Northborough, Bellingham bans on medical marijuana facilities upheld by AG

AG Healey changes decision, says towns can't ban medical marijuana

Michigan considers allowing home delivery of medical marijuana

Medical marijuana tally: 146 applications for 6 shops as New Jersey expands medicinal weed

New Mexico producers seeing green on medical pot sales

Ohio - Central State medical pot lab will require more police, armored truck

Medical marijuana update: Where each piece of the industry stands as Ohio tries to catch up
State misses September deadline, production won’t meet demand for months

Applications for medical marijuana beginning in Oklahoma

Oregon - OLCC Vastly Reduces Daily Purchase Limits for Medical Cannabis

Oregon - Liquor Control Commission to seek $7 million in pot taxes to track medical marijuana

Reformers Hopeful the 2019 Legislature will Expand Texas’ Medical Marijuana Law

Utah governor says he'll use 'bully pulpit' to get lawmakers to act on medical marijuana

Virginia to keep medical cannabis licensing process secret

International Medical Cannabis News

Drug expert supports current Australian medicinal cannabis policies

Unraveling DNA of medical cannabis
Israeli firm NR-Gene and a Swiss-based firm will use cutting-edge algorithms to precisely map the genome of the cannabis plant.

New Zealand license granted for cultivating medicinal cannabis


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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Patient Advocacy Network Call To Action - Protect Prop 215 - Reform 64

Flyers to download, print, cut and distribute - Let's get the word out!

Patient Advocacy Network is calling on all medical cannabis patients and providers to help Reform Prop 64.  Please print out the above flyer and distribute and/or share on all your social media platforms.  
It's time to Take Action and join the Team to Protect Prop 215.
* The taxes on medical cannabis are too high.
*  Boutique providers are being pinched out
*  No licensing for those that want to be not for profit Compassion Centers
*  Giving medical cannabis away for free is illegal
*  Collectives & Cooperatives will be no more come January

These harmful provisions violate the spirit of the Compassionate Use Act. Together we can change these laws.
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We have a lot of work to do in the California legislature to protect patients' safe, affordable access to medical cannabis, and to ensure that we don’t lose our boutique shops – the providers that have been around for well over a decade and have weathered the DEA raids and the fight for local regulations, the true pioneers and risk-takers are the ones hurting due to over regulation.  The patients are being pushed out of their favorite shops because of excessive taxation.  
Please help PAN help you and become a regular monthly sponsor.  Any amount you choose is appreciated.  100% of your contribution goes to education, advocacy and direct action, and is tax-deductible.  

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Saturday, August 25, 2018

Compassion Flower Report - Episode 2 & Medical Cannabis News Digest

See Episode 2 here:

Visit the YouTube link above the watch the full episode of Compassion Flower Report.  Below is a recent Medical Cannabis News Digest - headlines of interest to patients and providers.  Patient Advocacy Network has sent these digests out as an email in the past, but will now post these news stories here on Cannabis Patient Voice.  

Please be advised that links may expire overtime.  However, the story title may help you find  it in its archive.

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Medical Cannabis News Around California

California family fights school to allow daughter's medical marijuana

Rejected La Mesa Marijuana Dispensary Owner Takes Issue to 

Los Angeles moves to license pot growers after long delay  

San Rafael picks 16 medical cannabis licensees

California Marijuana Products Delayed by Backlogs in Testing Labs

Proposed California bill would allow medical marijuana use at school

Santa Rosa girl who takes medical cannabis to treat seizures attends her first day of kindergarten

Judge blocks SLO County from ripping marijuana plants off California Valley farm — for now

California Cannabis Tax Hits All-Time High, Still Falls Short Of Expectation

Medical Cannabis News Around the U.S.

V.A. Shuns Medical Marijuana, Leaving Vets to Improvise

One Simple Change To The Tax Code And The Price Of Medical Marijuana Will Drop

Arizona - Regulators investigating AZ medical marijuana grow after chemical spill

Future of 2 Arkansas medical marijuana growing facilities hinges on school definition

Colorado medical marijuana doctors policed by secret state policy, suppressed lawsuit alleges

Colorado Medical Marijuana Sales Take A Nosedive. Is The End Nigh?

Florida - State medical marijuana director Christian Bax resigns

Florida - Bill would protect veterans, federal workers who use medical cannabis

Georgia might allow medical marijuana growing and dispensing

First Hawaii Island Medical Cannabis Licensee Given The Go Ahead

Illinois - Rauner signs bill to allow medical marijuana in schools

Indiana lawmaker's medical marijuana push to take him to Mile High City

Indiana - 'Our goal is to save lives.' Medical marijuana advocates hold town hall

Several Hoosier vets, lawmakers meet at medical marijuana forum

Medical marijuana wait: Regulatory hurdle for Louisiana crop

Maryland medical marijuana users demand action after repeated computer crashes at dispensaries

More Maryland medical marijuana firms approved as industry continues to grow

Michigan approves medical marijuana testing labs

Three Medical Marijuana Measures Qualify For Missouri Ballot

Lawsuit seeks to snuff out two of three medical marijuana questions on Missouri ballot

800 turn out for New Jersey medical marijuana application conference

North Dakota patients may have to wait until 2019 for medical marijuana

North Dakota receives 19 medical marijuana dispensary applications

Ohio regulators award 7 licenses to medical marijuana processors

Ohio officials say no way it can meet September medical marijuana program deadline

Oklahoma medical marijuana won’t be available for months

Oklahoma - The only draft of full legislation for medical marijuana removes THC limits, allows smokables. What else would it do?

How legal cannabis actually made things worse for sick people in Oregon

Pennsylvania - Medical Marijuana Patients Anxious As They Navigate New System

Dry leaf medical marijuana available to Pennsylvanians next week

Rhode Island dispensaries begin selling to out-of-state customers

International Medical Cannabis News

Medical Cannabis Reform in Britain: Five Things You Need to Know

Doctors want medical pot phased out after legalization: Canadian Medical Association

Medical Cannabis – New Developments in Germany, the EU and Canada

Australian Medical Marijuana Patients Can’t Get Any Cannabis

Already 91 per cent of Aussies support medicinal cannabis and over the counter purchases may soon become a reality

Germany Moves to Make Cannabis Available for Medical use in Pharmacies

Israeli firms team up to create kits for growing medical cannabis at home

Italy’s Health Minister Promises Medical Marijuana Expansion, With Sales In Pharmacies

Lebanon weighs medical cannabis laws as Israel drags feet

Medical cannabis market rallies in New Zealand ahead of move to allow patient access

An exclusive look inside the UK’s legal medical cannabis farm