Sunday, August 05, 2018

In Loving Memory of Sylvester Ferley Shaw aka Sput

Sput at home living life on his terms

In Loving Memory of Sylvester Ferley Shaw aka Sput
August 20, 1957  -  July 27, 2018

Sput was born with arthrogryposis, a genetic disease that affects the joints. His legs and arms were very under-developed and Sput lived his entire life in a wheel chair.  Medical cannabis was important to his well being.

Eventually, complications with his disease rendered him a quadriplegic.  Sput however, lived much longer than most with his disease and was able to live life on his own terms thanks to the loving care of his best friend and live-in caregiver Soquel.

Sput with his caregiver Soquel

Sput passed unexpectedly, yet peacefully in his sleep on July 27, 2018.  He lived two doors down from PAN’s LA office. All of Sput’s end-of-life wishes are being carried out by Soquel and she needs our support.  

PAN has set-up a Memorial Fund to assist with his memorial service and the other expenses of his passing.  Our goal is to give Sput a worthy send-off and help Soquel take care of Sput’s loose ends.  Funds have already been raised to cover his cremation – Many thanks to those that have already contributed.

Sput -  Mr. Charming

Sput was dynamic, very charming and beloved by his friends.  He appreciated porn, whiskey, weed and The Blues.  He also loved gourmet food.  He enjoyed camping with friends at the annual Top Of The World Party on the Angeles Crest.  Needless to say, partying with Sput was always a good time.

Degé rolls a joint for Sput's 6oth Birthday Bash

PAN has set-up a donation button on our blog specifically for Sput’s memorial to be held on Saturday, August 25th; Hollywood location to be announced. All donations are tax-deductible, a receipt will be provided.  A contribution of any amount is greatly appreciated.  

In-kind contributions are also accepted.  Please contact PAN if you have any questions or if you wish to attend his memorial service. 

Rest in Paradise, Sput.  We miss you and love you dearly.

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Some Of The Early Patient, Provider Survey Feedback

“The taxes are just too, damn high,” is the sentiment from most Californians and it’s now true for medical cannabis patients, too.  

PAN recently asked patients and providers how the new rules are affecting them.  Many patients reported no longer using retail outlets due to the cost and now use some other source, the un-regulated market.  

Shop owners are feeling this, too.  They report lower numbers of visits since the new taxes and fees took effect.   Some are frustrated with what they call rogue shops in their area, and state they know some of their patients have found growers to help supply them.  

Cultivators appear to be the most disgruntled with the licensing process, on both the local and state level.  In February of this year it was reported that only 0.78% of the estimated growers in California had been approved for a temporary license.  

The California Growers Association has filed a lawsuit against California Department of Food and Agriculture, the state agency that issues cultivation licenses.  The suit calls out new provisions in the regulations that allow a medium license holder to apply for an unlimited number of small cultivation licenses.  

The suit goes on to argue that Prop. 64 allowed a 5-year window for small growers to get established before the state issues what many refer to as the mega-licenses. This new policy of  “stacking” as the lawyers call it violates the intent of the voter initiative by basically creating a loophole to allow large-scale cultivation operations now.

California is not seeing the revenue it projected from the cannabis industry due to all of these issues.  

PAN continues take feedback, monitor the cannabis industry, work with the California legislature and help patients with Compassionate access.  


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Friday, July 13, 2018

Patient And Provider Survey

Patient Advocacy Network wants to hear from patients about their experiences with accessing medical cannabis.  

Additionally, we want to here from medical cannabis businesses that are having a difficult time navigating and/or affording regulations, fees, and taxes.

PAN’s mission is to help patients get the safe, affordable access they need, and help providers get better regulations.  Your input helps us know where we need to focus our efforts.  Please let us know your experiences.  

You can leave your comments below, email us at or call us at (323) 334-5282.  We are here for patients and providers.  

Are your favorite dispensaries still around?

Have they survived regulations?

Are you able to find a location?  Do you live in a medical cannabis desert?

Can you afford medical cannabis?  Are all the new taxes and fees making such that you are going without, relying on the underground market?

Are you able to access Compassion Programs for free or discounted cannabis?

Has legalization in your state made it easier or harder to access affordable medical cannabis?

Were you able to get a business license or permit for your commercial cannabis business?

Are the taxes and fees pushing your business under?

Are you concerned that Big Agriculture, Big Pharma is going to leverage your state for a commercial cannabis takeover?

Have you decided that you have to operate underground?

We look forward to hearing from you.  We respect and honor your privacy in your responses.