Sunday, January 12, 2014

2014 – The Year To Invest In Cannabis Activism

Reputable polls continue to show Americans support marijuana legalization more than ever.  Twenty-one states now recognize medical cannabis, and two states allow adult recreational use with 5 more states looking at complete legalization in 2014.

Despite the lingering federal threat the marijuana industry is growing faster than the laws can keep up, which still puts cannabis cultivators and distributors at risk of federal prosecution or imprisonment.

Every major industry in America has supporters and advocates diligently lobbying on Capitol Hill whether its tobacco, beef or cars.  Fortunately, all of those are still legal but cannabis remains locked up in the Controlled Substances Act and has fewer advocates in Washington than any other group.  No wonder it’s taking over 77 years.

Other than grow her, sell her and smoke her, Mary Jane asks what have you done FOR her lately.  An investment in good cannabis activism is an investment in the end of federal prohibition.  What canna-business operator doesn’t want that?! 

How much is legal marijuana worth to you?  An ill loved-one?  Someone in jail?  What are you willing to give this year to ensure the best activists in the movement have the tools to can get the job done?  Done! 

Marijuana cannot legalize itself.  Fund her liberators and together we will change the world. 


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