Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Next Steps For Protecting Medical Cannabis Patients, Their Physicians & Providers

Greetings, Friends & Colleagues in Compassion –

I want to thank everyone who put in so much time and effort to make sure our serious concerns and reservations about Prop 64 were heard loud and clear.  We did not allow special corporate interests and the political machine to take over the cannabis industry without a fight.  The fact that the results were not a landslide lets our opponents know that there are still a significant number of voters and cannabis advocates that are dubious about this regulatory scheme and its intent.

National political momentum for legalization was on their side and it’s not all a bad thing.  The silver lining is this initiative allows the legislature to amend it; which means voters and concerned citizens still have a say in how this law is shaped moving forward.  Regardless of the outcome election night, we knew our work is far from over.

Our jobs now are to work with the legislature and amend all of the problematic provisions that jeopardize patient access.  This process will be tedious and time consuming.  However, it’s less arduous and a lot less expensive than a statewide voter initiative campaign. 

This is what you can expect in the upcoming weeks.  A broad coalition of cannabis patient advocates are compiling the most egregious provisions of the law and drafting suggested amendments.  We will then begin the process of communicating with the legislature to ensure these changes are made.

It is important that every one of you remains involved.  You will be informed of all upcoming hearings and where to send your comments and concerns, or attend these hearings with us.  Strong numbers are very important and we will walk the halls of Sacramento until this law is shaped how we want and need it to be.  

As I stated before, we knew that election night was not the prize.  Even if Prop 64 failed, we would still need to get our initiative on the ballot for 2018.  The process now is to put the pressure on Sacramento, and my colleagues and I have a lot of experience in working with the legislature.

So, please don’t be glum.  It’s a new day and we will prevail, in the name of Compassion.

Truly Yours,

Degé Coutee

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