Monday, July 09, 2018

Los Angeles To Add Further Taxation On Medical Cannabis

LA City Hall

The Los Angeles City Council is considering a proposed resolution to be placed on the ballot for November 2018, to further raise taxes on commercial cannabis activities, including medical cannabis.  

The Council File number is 18-1800-S2 and can be tracked at:

The 6/25/18 version of the Resolution is here:

You can contact Los Angeles City Council members here:

Patients concerned that further taxation will only make medical cannabis less accessible can reach LA City Council members at the above information.  Even if you do not live in Los Angeles but use the dispensaries in LA, you are a stakeholder.  Please contact PAN if you have questions about writing a letter or making a phone call.  We are here to teach patients how to be effective self-advocates.  

LA City Council is on recess for a few more days. PAN will be visiting LA City Hall upon their return to submit this memo.


To: All members of the Los Angeles City Council, the Los Angeles City Clerk and Los Angeles City Attorney

From: Degé Coutee, President, Patient Advocacy Network
P.O. Box 93845, Los Angeles, CA 90093, @PAN4Compassion,
(323) 334-5282

RE: Council File 18-1800-S2 – A Resolution To Tax Medical Cannabis Patients

I write to ask that you please reconsider any further taxation on Medical Cannabis and remove this tax from the proposed ballot resolution.  Any further taxation or fees on medical cannabis only harms Patients and pushes them further into the underground market where many have gone already.  

At this time the California legislature is considering SB 829 to incorporate Compassionate Care into the state regulations and help remove financial barriers to serving authentic patients.  Instead of using indigent patients, cancer sufferers and veterans as an ATM, I ask that you please support Compassionate Care and focus the Cannabis Reinvestment Act on adult use, smoke lounges, events and other canna-tourism, and not the sick and dying.  

I thank you for your time and consideration.


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