Friday, October 07, 2016

A Message From Degé Coutee - Vote NO On Proposition 64

Dear Friends & Colleagues,

This November so-called ‘legalization’ will be on the ballot in California, and I write to encourage you to vote NO on Proposition 64 aka AUMA (Adult Use of Marijuana Act).  Here’s why, with links and more information below:

None of the money generated by all the new taxes and fees will benefit California.  All of the money stays in Sacramento to pay for a large bureaucracy and enforcement.

Taxes, taxes and more taxes, even on medical.  Excise tax.  Sales tax.  Gross receipts tax.  Use tax.  Cultivation tax.  Flower tax.  Leaf tax.  All of this is expected to raise the cost of cannabis by at least 40%.  This doesn’t include all the licensing fees.

In addition to the significant expense for patients, Prop 64 ‘consolidates’ medical and ‘nonmedical’ cannabis into one system.  It interferes with the patient-doctor relationship and outlaws compassion programs.  A significant portion of AUMA works to overturn Proposition 215. 

The initiative is funded by interests in Monsanto, Big Pharma and Big Tobacco.  George Soros is a major partner in Monsanto and funds the Drug Policy Alliance, the authors behind Prop 64.  Billionaire Sean Parker, Napster founder, former CEO of facebook, CIA recruit, and good friend of Lt Gov. Gavin Newsom, is also funding Prop 64.  Weedmaps is also a significant funder with CEO Justin Hartfield supporting a big tobacco model for adult recreational use.

Prop 64 contains a lot of misleading language.  This 62-page initiative promises many lofty things in the first two pages.  For example, it claims to prevent DUI’s, stop the polluting of waterways, crackdown on cartels – all of which sounds great, except that there are already laws on the books in California that do this and these issues are not mentioned again in the rest of the initiative. 

The rest of Prop 64 is an expensive and convoluted regulatory scheme that absorbs authentic medical cannabis operations and favors mega corporations, and puts California’s unique cannabis heritage in jeopardy. 

If I thought this initiative would be good for patients, California, and the cannabis industry, I would applaud this effort and be helping in every way.  However, myself and a grassroots coalition of many thousands of cannabis advocates are reaching out to make sure everyone we know understands the implications of Prop 64 before the billionaires start dropping deceptive advertising.

Here’s the good news:  It’s quite easy to defeat Prop 64; we all simply need to vote NO on Tuesday, November 8, 2016.  We will then move forward to get the right legalization on the ballot.  Please join me on Election Day to protect Prop 215 and say NO to the hostile corporate takeover of California’s #1 cash crop.  Please forward this letter to your friends, family and colleagues.  Also, for you convenience I’ve attached a window sign and flyers you can print out and display at your home or office. 

Here’s the other good news:  There are already good legalization initiatives drafted by the Cannabis Community with the input of good lawyers, that have received analysis from the Office of the Attorney General.  These complimentary initiatives take into account the California single-subject rule, which stipulates that proposed legislation can only take on one issue.  By having complimentary initiatives we aim to ensure that medical marijuana patients are protected, to end bans on medical operations, to have fair permitting and taxes for all types of cannabis businesses - from patient non-profits to large for-profit companies, to release prisoners, expunge records, protect genetics and more. 

The proponents of these complimentary initiatives made the choice last fall to suspend our campaigns to focus on defeating Prop 64 and then promptly refiling our initiatives for 2018.  We knew that with billionaire players like Soros and Parker it would be impossible to raise the money we’d need to gather those 500,000 signatures. 

Please help me defeat this horribly flawed initiative so we can work together to establish the best laws for California in 2018, because California deserves better.  I thank you for your time and consideration.

Yours Truly,

Degé Coutee
Patient Advocate & Cannabis Activist


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On the radio:

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Independent Expenditure paid for by Degé Coutee – under $1,000.00.


Please forward this message to all of your lists and social media.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  -- Margaret Mead