Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Medical Cannabis Patient Advocates In Solidarity With San Francisco


Medical Cannabis Patient Advocates In Solidarity With San Francisco
Please Act Nancy

Phone-in Action To Congressional Representative Nancy Pelosi
(415) 556-4862

US Attorneys have successfully shut down nearly half of the licensed dispensaries in San Francisco.  If federal authorities can shut down safe access in San Francisco, we are all at risk.

On Wednesday, May 2, 2012, patient advocates will deliver thousands of signatures to Representative Pelosi’s San Francisco office.  See full press release here: http://www.briefingwire.com/pr/san-francisco-medical-cannabis-patients-petition-congressional-representative-nancy-pelosi

Everyone who supports medical cannabis is urged to contact Congressional Representative Nancy Pelosi’s office at (415) 556-4862 on Wednesday, May 2, 2012, during business hours and leave a kind message with her staff stating:

*  You want to see an end to the federal crackdown on states with medical cannabis laws.
*  You want sensible federal cannabis laws that remove all of the criminal jeopardy under the Controlled Substances Act.
*  Remind her that she has the support of her constituents and the support of at least 80% of voting Americans on the issue of safe, legal medical cannabis. 

San Francisco is the birthplace of the medical cannabis legalization movement.  It is no accident that federal authorities are choosing to shut down all of the collectives there first.  Representative Pelosi has been silent for too, long.  She must speak up to President Obama, US Attorney General Eric Holder, US Attorney Melissa Haag and the rest of Congress. 

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