Thursday, October 18, 2012

A Voice In Congress For Medical Cannabis Patients

From Our Sister PAC - Patients For Compassionate Use Policies

Greetings Friends and Colleagues -

We are just days away from the November Election and while neither of the
presidential candidates support medical cannabis, we should focus on
allies in Congress.

I am pleased to forward you below a statement from Congressional Candidate
David Hernandez who is running in the 29th California congressional
district - which covers areas in mid and north Valley.

I know David personally.  I'm honored to call him a friend and fellow
community activist.  David will always have his door open to us on this
issue and understands it on a local and federal level.

Make no mistake, David is an underdog in this race and needs your support.
 He is up against a machine candidate - LA City Councilmember Tony
Cardenas.  We need Tony to go home NOT to DC.

What you can do:

#1. Make sure you VOTE on November 6, 2012! And if you're in the 29th
congressional district please vote for David Hernandez.

#2. Please make a DONATION to David's campaign.  David is not seeking to
meet the 100's of thousands of $$ that Cardenas has raised.  David can get
his message out via mail, radio and tv with a few thousand dollars.  A
donation of a few dollars will go a long way.  So, please don't be shy to
donate whatever you can no matter how much or how little.

#3. Get involved with SOCIAL MEDIA.  Below is the link to David's campaign
and you can keep up with him and his events on facebook.  Please help
share David's message with others, especially those in the San Fernando

#4.  VOLUNTEER.  I'll be at the campaign office helping David this
Saturday, October 20, 2012.  GET INVOLVED and hopefully, I'll see you

WHO makes it happen?  WE make it happen!

Degé Coutee
Patients For Compassionate Use Policies #1332436


David Hernandez for Congress

Patient Based Medical Marijuana, Position Statement and Action Plan.

The duty of an individual who wishes to represent the residents of their
district is clear. This is especially true once the voters have expressed
their position on an issue via the ballot box.

The voters of California voted to approve the use of Medical Marijuana.
This is a clear and is undeniable. Its value to those suffering from
horrendous medical challenges is undisputable.

Moving forward we must begin with these two realities. The need exists and
the voters recognizing that need voted to make Medical Marijuana

We will not and cannot dismiss the arguments presented by those in
opposition. While some are based in the sincere belief that this should
not be available under any circumstances, the majority of the opposition
is not.

For the majority, the opposition comes from the negative impact on the
quality of life in their communities and the abuses of the current system
now in place.

I will not enter into a debate over the abuses and will simply acknowledge
them and state they can and will be addressed via the proper methods of

It is my objective to maintain a patient centered position. While many
point to the opportunity to generate tax revenue as an argument in favor
of the issue, I will remain focused on the patient.

While there are competent individuals drafting sound and effective local
guidelines and ordinances, my efforts, while supportive of Local
Regulations to establish a patient focused fair and competent access
policy, will be at the Federal Level.

At present, the Federal Policy of Classifying Marijuana as a Schedule 1
drug is unjust and must be resolved to reflect a sound and fact based view
of the substance.

As a congressman I will be spearheading the effort to bring about a sound
patient based approach in amending the current classification of the
medical marijuana. This will eliminate much of the ambiguities which
create such unfair challenges to local distribution and delivery.

It is my opinion and that of many others that Marijuana for Medical use
should be removed from the current drug schedule.  It should be placed in
a category of its own and be governed much the same way a Beer or Wine.

Having achieved this, we will have established a sound, safe Patient Based
approach to the Medical Marijuana issue.

David Hernandez
Candidate for Congress District 29


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