Monday, January 28, 2013

It’s Time To End Cannabis Prohibition

We, the people, have the power to end cannabis prohibition.  When we all contact Congress together across the country demanding an end to the failed prohibition on marijuana and hemp, the support for change will be undeniable.  Constituents have great power but only if we use it.

President Obama, the Department of Justice and the Supreme Court have all stated that change in national marijuana policy must come from the Congress.  When PAN met with a number of Congressional offices, we were told that very few people and in some cases no one has contacted their office regarding cannabis issues.  We are about to change that!! 

Enclosed is this post is a three page action kit for you to download, print and share.  It provides the basic tools on how to find your representatives, how to contact your representatives and what to say/write.   

Cannabis Freedom Campaign 4/20 is a commitment by every American that supports the end of cannabis prohibition to contact their Congressional Representative once a month between now and April 20, 2014, when we will rally in Washington D.C. 

Save all your correspondence with your Representatives.  Send a copy of your letters to Congress, to President Obama.  Let him know you are regularly engaging Congress.  Follow-up with your Representative monthly. 

Have fun with this!  Get your friends and family involved.  Between 64 and 82 % of voting Americans support reforming of our marijuana laws.  Write letters together.  Hand-deliver them to your Congressional member’s district office.  Meet his/her staff in person; get their business cards.  Be kind and friendly, but make sure they know you are not giving up until Congress ends cannabis prohibition.  Make a video about your visit and encourage others to get involved.   Post your efforts to your social networks.   Issue a press release.  Write a letter to the editor.  Call in to your local talk radio programs.  Make it undeniable that there is a nationwide movement to get Congress to end its failed marijuana policies now.

It’s time to end cannabis prohibition, release the prisoners and put Mary Jane back to work -  for the health, safety and economy of America. 

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