Wednesday, September 02, 2015

It's Complicated

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The current status of the California state legislature's medical marijuana bills is complicated.  The 2015 session is ending in a few days and the legislature doesn't seem any closer to crafting a workable set of guidelines for authentic medical cannabis providers.

Just days ago Governor Brown weighed in on language and now all of that language is gone.  All of it.  PAN watched as each bill was updated with the entirety of each bill redlined.  The only language left is the intent of the original motion.  (The links with each image above will take you to the complete file on that bill.)

Also complicated is each bill now mentions the other..."This measure shall become operative only if.." the other bills become operative.  Click on the Today's Law As Amended tabs to see how the legislature has made this very confusing.

We are unsure if these bills have become placeholders for the next session or if amended language will fill these empty bills in the 11th hour before a final vote this session.  The Legislature has suspended the rules that require them to give notice to or take comment from the public - Joint Rule 62(a).  Providing any input at this point is almost impossible.

In years past when the legislature has done this, it has meant the death of that bill.  However, in years past the bills were not completely gutted prior to a full vote, nor did they have the Governor's attention while still on the floor.  We do not understand this strategy but we intent to ask many questions in the next few hours to find out.

While PAN supports equitable guidelines and regulations for medical cannabis operations, these bills  are egregious (favoring collectives with high-paid lobbyists) and expensive (lots of new fees and taxes), hence violating Prop. 215.  The Legislature is treating medical cannabis like adult social marijuana, effectively taking the Compassion out of the Compassionate Use Act and making it the Use Act For Cash.

PAN isn't going to stand for that.

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