Friday, November 04, 2016

To Adam Ill, Getting High With and BREAL TV - friends & family

Greetings, Adam Ill -

It was great to see you.  Thanks for having me on your show.  I mentioned a number of resources during the debate and thought it best to provide you and your audience with a list of links instead of reading them all on air.   Hope this helps clarify the issues that were raised.   Thanks again. 


Degé Coutee


AUMA (Prop 64) Analysis by Attorney Letitia Pepper -

AUMA (Prop 64) Analysis by 151 Farmers -

AUMA Analysis by The Weedly News - Prop 64 – AUMA Legalization for the 1% -

AUMA Analysis by Cal Growers Assoc. - Cal Growers divided on Proposition 64 -

Prop 64 Money Trail – from the Sac Bee

California legalization: Prop. 215 author fights Prop. 64, here’s why

Why California Cannabis Growers Are Coming Out Against Prop 64

Wayne Resnick Show - KFI AM 640 - Degé Coutee, in-studio guest, explaining why she is Voting No On Prop 64.

[Video] - California recreational pot: Can Sean Parker puff puff pass recreational buddha with AUMA!? -


Napster founder Sean Parker announces $250 million grant to fight cancer -

How Justin Hartfield could become the Philip Morris of weed -

Three Biggest Reasons Tobacco Giants Eye Lucrative $50 Billion Marijuana Market –

Penalties Chart from Tharp Consulting

O.C. Sheriff on plunge in marijuana-related arrests: 'It's essentially decriminalized already'

WikiLeaks: Clinton Told Wall St. She Is 100% Against Legalizing Cannabis

More links, videos and information here:


VOTE November 8th!

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