Monday, April 08, 2019

PAN Medical Cannabis News Digest - Spring 2019

Patient Advocacy Network Medical Cannabis News Digest – 

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Medical Cannabis News Around California

California’s Cannabis Marketplace is a Mess. Here’s How to Fix It

Lawmakers look to slash cannabis taxes

Judge halts licensing process for 7 commercial cannabis businesses in San Bernardino

Prosecutors Move to Clear 54,000 Marijuana Convictions in California

More Than 9,300 Marijuana-Related Convictions Will Be Expunged in San Francisco

Los Angeles Set to Reduce or Expunge 50,000 Marijuana Convictions

Medical Cannabis News Around The U.S.

Medical Marijuana ‘Can Help Everyone,’ Says Director at Maryland Cannabis Facility

Teen Pot Use Fell in States That Legalized Medical Marijuana: Study

Veterans urge Congress, VA to catch up on expanding access to medical marijuana

NFL Considers Options for Medical Use of Marijuana

Arizonans Consumed 61 Tons of Medical-Marijuana Products in 2018 – a Record High

Arkansas approves 32 medical marijuana dispensaries in state

Smoking medical marijuana is now legal in Florida

Georgia bill seeks in-state cultivation, sale of medical marijuana

Hawaii opens medical marijuana registration to visitors

Kentucky - Smoking a joint opened gateway for Republican on medical marijuana

Medical marijuana approved by Kentucky House panel. More legislative hurdles remain.

Here’s why medical marijuana in Louisiana still isn’t available

Medical Marijuana Sales Slump In Maine

Medical cannabis is a high priority in Md. Legislature

Caregiver-produced medical marijuana recalled in Michigan

Minnesota medical marijuana program nearly doubled in 2018

Missouri gets ready to grow medical marijuana

More than 400 file to grow or sell medical pot in Missouri

Montana legislature takes up revisions to medical marijuana law

New Mexico raises cap for medical marijuana producers

North Dakota’s First Medical Cannabis Dispensary Is Open for Business

Medical marijuana means new education for Ohio law enforcement

Ohio Sold $75,000 Worth of Medical Marijuana on Its First Legal Day

More than 100 medical marijuana dispensaries have opened in Tulsa

Rhode Island demand for medical marijuana skyrocketing

New bill would expand medical cannabis use for Texans

Utah medical marijuana proponents say patients running into trouble with police, prosecutors under new law

New bill would double number of medical cannabis dispensaries in Virginia

West Virginia Governor Signs Medical Marijuana Banking Bill

Wisconsin Governor Puts Marijuana Decriminalization And Medical Cannabis In Budget

New governor of the US Virgin Islands signs bill legalizing medical marijuana

International Medical Cannabis News

After A Decade Of Testing, Israeli Medical Cannabis Comes To The US

Israel - Ex-police chief takes post pushing medical cannabis worldwide

Uruguay Betting on Exports of Medical Marijuana

Medical cannabis is now in the UK, but nobody can get a prescription

UK receives initial ‘bulk’ shipment of medical cannabis

Cyprus legalises medical cannabis

Medical cannabis imports allowed only through orphan drug center

Growing our own: Inside an Australian medical cannabis farm

First medical cannabis clinic opens in the UK

Germany cautiously embraces medical cannabis regulation


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